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Red Sea Forum > greeting from Sharm el Sheikh
posted : January 30, 2007 Post subject: greeting from Sharm el Sheikh
I know where you are, I used to be there. I too was tired of the tedious, fast moving city life with its bad weather and even worse people. I was tired of the dark days and the boring day to day cycle and I had enough.

Now imagine yourself in the sunshine 365 days a year with a nice calm climate, surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea that’s teeming with reef wildlife. You're standing in

the terrace of your new holiday home, overlooking the beautiful desert sunset reflecting perfectly off the tranquil Red Sea. You're having a nice stroll along the soft warm sands of beach enjoying the seductive breeze. Lazily hanging around the quiet pool just seconds from your terraces while sipping something cool and chatting it up with friends.

You then notice the sun that is never canvassed by cold, dark and bleak weather. Then you smile…

We can make this dream a reality. SSQ is proud to offer the latest development perfectly priced to fit your budget…

reception, two bedrooms, bathroom, American kitchen and terrace


Apartment 80 m2 units

Total price : 32,300 GBP

Method of payment:

25% upon contract
75 % to be paid on installments every 4 month for 3 years. (max. till January 2010)
10% discount for cash payment.


We look forward to meet you

Mail to : a.ali@ssqrealestate.com