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Red Sea Forum > Royal Calimera Moderna-Sharm
posted : June 9, 2007 Post subject: Royal Calimera Moderna-Sharm
I am going to the Hotel Royal Calimera Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, I need help to find the name of the diving school at the Hotel or an e-mail address of the Hotel. Thanks

posted : July 12, 2007 Post subject: Royal Calimera Moderna-Sharm
That makes two of us! Am also looking for the same thing!!!! Can anyone help?

posted : August 15, 2009 Post subject: Royal Calimera Moderna-Sharm
Do not know, but all the large dive centers will pick you up from any hotel, better to choose a dive center than just accept the one in the hotel. Try cameldive.com, they have a few centers in sharm. Should be one near you.