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Red Sea Forum > Good Dive School in Dahab?
posted : August 25, 2007 Post subject: Good Dive School in Dahab?
Hi there! I am a beginner who will go to Dahab in a month to learn to dive. Can anybody suggest a good diving school there? My girlfriend and I want to do our PADI's, but some of the outfits in Dahab sound a tad dodgy.

posted : April 21, 2008 Post subject: Good Dive School in Dahab?
Try reef 2000. It must be one of the best in the area. All the staff are friendly and it is just a cool place. It even has it's own reef out front.

I just got back a week a go. It was my first time with them, and all i can say, is that i will be going back. Also if you haven't got a hotel sorted try the Bedouin moon with is attached to the dive club, it is basic but is very very friendly

Also Dahab is a lovely place, if you’re looking for a drink after a dive head to Rush, I think it must be the only bar I have been to that will only close when the last person leaves.

Here is the web site

posted : May 13, 2009 Post subject: Good Dive School in Dahab?
Hi, if you like kitting up in 35 deg heat, walking sometimes 60 or 70m, clambering over rocks, nearly breaking your ankles, being buffeted by the waves as you put your fins on, you will love Dahab. If not go to Sharm! Its much better on a boat all day..
Oh, and Allah help you if you have any probs with visiting the loo whilst on the way to a dive site!

posted : November 18, 2009 Post subject: Good Dive School in Dahab?
Hi there, I learnt in Dahab. After going to a few centers I found that Sea Dancer was the best. Great instructors, especially Paul Ravenhill. Did not want to rush you at all and took time. My partner leanrt to dive and she was so nervous. Paul was so good with her she really relaxed.
If you go to them thay are in the main street next to the bank. Tell them Dan and Bern recommended you.