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Red Sea Forum > new Diving destination
posted : July 25, 2005 Post subject: new Diving destination
I have been in all the Egiptian Red Sea dive sites, most of all were great few years ago, a bit too crowded now. More divers than fish!. I have visited the Dahlak Archipelago in Eritrea, wih its 350 island, endless reefs, wrecks, lots of fish, beautiful corals and...no divers. Is not very easy to get here, I guess that that's why is still incontaminated. worth a visit. Visit www.sabacamp.netfirms.com they are the only ones who can organize something

posted : April 14, 2006 Post subject: new Diving destination
Dear Maurizio,
We still have in Egyptian Red Sea places where you can dive alone and see a lot of nice things.
You just need to go more south.
Please contact me if you need more information.
Best regards,